Who is JonahSin?


DOB: April 25th, Edmonton-Alberta
Genre: Pop/R&B/Latin
Occupations: Singer
Years Active: 2009-To Present
Label/s: Unsigned

Born April 25th in Edmonton Alberta, JONAHSIN is an Canadian Pop Singer/Song Writer, with his debut album FREAK OUT cooming out soon.
Jonahs first Single was released in 2009, the Single named Disgusting , didn't make a positive impact in the music industry, With explicit lyrics and references to alcohole the single plumited down the charts, but now after some time the single has been re-done to fit the market and will be a bouns on the FREAK OUT Album.

Comin in 2012 the first (SCA) which it hosted by JONAHSIN, Jonah states "This is so exciting to have my own award show that is only for Canadian Singers of any genre" For more Information the SINNERS CHOICE AWARDS, please visit the WHAT"S NEW? page.